The earlier you teach your children good oral health tips, the better off they’ll be down the road. A lot of people might think proper dentistry for children isn’t as important as it is for adults, because children are just going to “lose those teeth anyway.” While that may be true, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t stress oral health tips for children while they’re young, if only to get them in the habit of daily tooth care.

Talk to Your Children about Healthy Teeth

First, explain to your kids why keeping their teeth healthy is important. Go into as much detail as you can, while using simple terms so you don’t overwhelm them with technical jargon about good dentistry for children. Talk to them about what can happen if they don’t take care of their teeth, all the way from bad breath to gingivitis cavities. Show them photos of people with great teeth next to photos of people with not-so-great teeth (nothing too extreme!) and ask them which set they want to have when they grow up.

It might be hard imagining how to make teeth interesting, but it can be done! Start out by bringing up a dentistry for children chart online and as you show and tell the kids what each tooth is called, have them feel the tooth with their tongue. You could even get a model of the human mouth – like dentists have in their offices – and point out each 3-D tooth.

You can also talk to them about the anatomy of a tooth. They’ll probably be better able to understand the danger of cavities if they know the different aspects of dentistry, including things like tooth enamel and nerves.

Make it Fun!

After you explain to them why keeping their “chompers” is so crucial, figure out a way to make it fun. Given how many choices there are nowadays when it comes to kids’ toothbrushes, you should be able to find one your children really love, whether it’s Iron Man, Dora the Explorer or Winnie the Pooh. Just make sure it’s soft-bristled, and switch it out every three or so months, according to the best practices of dentistry for children.

Stick to a Routine

Now that your kids know the importance of keeping their teeth healthy, it’s time to set a routine. They should be brushing at least twice a day – once after breakfast and again before bedtime. (If possible, after lunch is a good time for a brush as well.)

Make sure they’re brushing all of their teeth, not just the front ones. You can ask their dentist to demonstrate the best way to brush on a model of teeth to give them a better idea of what to do each morning and evening.

Dentistry best practices determine that kids should spend between two to three minutes brushing. The best way to keep track is with a timer, but you can also have them play their favorite song or purchase a toothbrush that plays music to demonstrate the correct duration of time.

Once the teeth are done, make certain the kids brush their tongues to help prevent bad breath. (You could also invest in a tongue scraper for each child.)

Teach Them about Flossing and Rinsing

Flossing is the next step of a good dentistry routine for children. No matter how well your kids brush their teeth, they might be missing some food particles. Show them how to do it on your own teeth so they know to be gentle, otherwise they could end up hurting their gums. (Flossing after snacks is a good habit to get into.)

Finally, have them rinse with mouthwash for 20 to 30 seconds, topping it off with a swig of water.

Visit a Kid-Friendly Dentist

Having your kids follow these steps of dentistry for children whenever they brush will keep their teeth clean and healthy, and make their visits to the dentist – which should be scheduled twice a year – go much more smoothly.

Speaking of which, do some research on your local dentistry practice for children to make sure it’s a good fit – some dentists are kid-friendly, and will explain the process of general dentistry procedures to your kids to alleviate any concerns or worries they might have. These practices might even have toys, games or a children’s area, to make their experience even more pleasant!

More Oral Health Tips for Children

Of course, when it comes to oral health, everything starts with the way your kids eat and drink. Sugary snacks, or foods that will easily get caught in their teeth, can make proper dentistry for children more difficult than it has to be. As far as beverages go, if your kids drink sweet stuff like soda or juice, have them use a straw when possible so the liquid doesn’t hit their teeth head-on.

Here are a few other oral health tips for children to keep your kids’ smiles bright and healthy (all of which depend on their ages):

  • Try to break the thumb-sucking habit as early on as possible, as it can prove detrimental to your kids’ teeth.
  • Dentistry experts also suggest getting mouthguards for kids who play sports.
  • Make sure they know it’s natural for their teeth to fall out, so they don’t freak out when they lose their first tooth.
  • Stress to them that they need to let you know if they’re experiencing pain in any or their teeth so you can take them to the local dentistry practice for children – like our practice in McDonough, GA – to have it checked out.

We look forward to getting to know you and your family!